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In cluster community, we have standardized the times at which a mission will be up, briefing starts and mission starts. This is to standardize it to make it easier for our playerbase to follow and to prevent long unnanounced mission delays due to waiting for players.

Time table

Time (UTC+1) Responsibility Description
18:30 Mission Maker Last chance to delay mission
19:00 Mission Maker Mission Up on Server
19:00 - 20:00 Player Mission Joining Phase
20:00 - 20:30 Senior Mission Command Mission Briefing Phase
20:30 Senior Mission Command Mission Start

If there is a general mission delay, the mission maker must announce it 30 minutes prior to mission up (18:30) with an estimated delay. The entire timetable will shift according to this estimated delay.

If a player joins after the briefing phase has ended, he will not receive any briefing other than an in-game warning order. If a player joins during the briefing phase, the Senior Mission Commander will not restart the briefing.