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Community Ranks are a way of tracking activity in Cluster Community and represents the amount of Arma 3 Missions a user has attended.

These ranks have no bearing in-mission. They are only to track your level of activity in discord!

Community Ranks
Rank Minimum Missions Maximum Missions Reward Description
PFNG (Pre-Fucking New Guy) 0 8 None New players in their initiation phase
FNG (Fucking New Guy) 8 24 None New players who has finished their initiation phase
Grunt 24 72 Listen in on staff meetings Players who has played with us for a while
Regular 72 N/A Participate in staff meetings with decision power (Staff still has veto on final decisions) Regular players
Reserve 72 N/A Listen in on staff meetings Regular players who's had 3 months of inactivity

Note: FNG is military slang and should not be taken to heart.

The only way to rank up is playing missions.

After 3 months of inactivity a user will be demoted to the rank below.

If a user is demoted from PFNG the new rank will be inactive.

These ranks have no bearing in missions and are strictly symbolic.

Your rank is tracked automatically by the CC-Bot. The exact method will be kept secret to avoid exploits.